For over 100 years, the fuel industry has seen no significant development. Outdated fuels have continued to pollute the environment ever since the industrial revolution, and the rate of pollution has only become higher each year.

Now, however, there’s a new-age company which is all set to start a revolution in the fuel industry.

My Eco Energy

My Eco Energy was born with the vision of transforming the world’s fuel industry with premium quality fuel that is affordable, accessible, and most important of all, renewable!

To do that, My Eco Energy pioneered Indizel, a breakthrough in science and fuel technology that made the dream of sustainable development a reality.

What is Indizel?

Indizel is a revolutionary fuel made from renewable vegetable oils. It is currently the only fuel in India that meets (and exceeds) Euro 6 requirements, making it the greenest fuel in India. In addition, Indizel conforms to European (EN 590), BIS (1460) Bharat stage VI strictest fuel quality requirements and WWFC (Worldwide Fuel Charter) category 4 requirements. It also has a high cetane number which is indicative of its premium quality.

Simply put, that means:

  • Better engine performance.
  • Less engine noise.
  • Better lubrication (100% more than diesel).
  • Increased engine life.
  • More pickup (power).
  • More torque.
  • Consistent performance in all driving & weather conditions.
  • Burns cleaner – less wastage.
  • Lasts longer.
  • Greater mileage.
Value for money
  • Rs 2 lesser than market price.
  • No modification in existing infrastructure required.
  • Up to 18% reduction in transport fuel cost through combination of lower price, lower engine wear and tear, and greater mileage.*
Environmental factors
  • Renewable source.
  • Euro 6 compliant.
  • Ultra-low sulphur.
  • Aromatics-free.
  • Lower emissions:
    • NOx – 25% reduction
    • Particulate matter – 90% reduction
    • CO2 – 80% reduction
  • Indizel is fully compatible with existing fuel and does not need any engine/vehicle modification
  • Indizel can be mixed with regular diesel in any proportion or can be used alone for varying levels of performance.
  • Better ride.
  • Non-explosive (Excluded Category – PESO).

*Figure is subject to change based on a number of external variables.

Retail franchise model

Imagine a world where you won’t have to choose between performance, price or eco-friendliness. A world where renewable fuel drives all commercial applications. That’s the change India is bringing to the world with Indizel!

To make this a reality, My Eco Energy is now partnering with retailers all across India.

If you are a retailer, this is your chance to start a fuel empire of your own and contribute to India’s growth story.