Here's how you'll benefit

Infrastructure provided by MEE:

Storage tank

Fuel Dispenser


Canopy set-up


Financial benefits

Affordable Requires low initial investment and negligible installation and running costs.

High ROI Superior fuel and service combined with lower price ensure high return on investment for you.(note: returns will vary based on pricing strategies and market conditions )

Key features

Eco-friendly design Engineered to consume less energy and enable paper-free transactions.

Safe fuelling Impact & ballistic proof construction, fitted with sophisticated leak detection system.

Modular Light, portable fuel units can be transported easily and requires less space than regular fuel stations.

Fast setup Modular designs make our fuel stations constructions-free and quick to install.

EPOS system Every fuel outlet comes installed with an Electronic Point of Sale system to maximise efficiency.


Business & sales Various courses will be provided to make the sales team more efficient and help your businesss grow.

Operations Dedicated Indizel Operations Team will be on-hand to provide quality management, staff training, fleet engagement, technical troubleshooting and other support.

Marketing Our multi-channel marketing and loyalty program initiatives will ensure increased consumer traffic to your outlet.

Technology Each outlet has a fully-automated system. They also have a CO2 emissions tracker so that your consumers can take pride in their contribution to a greener planet.

Location analysis A sophisticated mapping system will count the registered diesel vehicles in the region to ensure your business is setup in a lucrative area.

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