Business Models

Revolution in Fuel Retailing

My Eco Energy offers two types of business models, based on your locations and applications.

We have further structured businesses into 4 formats:

  • Protecting the environment and societies in which we operate
  • Causing no harm to people
  • Using renewable material & energy to provide our product
  • Owning leadership in changing the way people in India consume fuel

Satellite Model (Rural) Shop-in-Shop business model

The Shop-in-Shop business model iallows retailers to add a second business within their existing premises. It is designed for retailers who want to maximise their profits without making additional investments. Interested retailers simply need to rent a part of their retail space to us, and we will install a Fuel Dispenser within it.

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Stand Alone business model

The Stand Alone business model iis designed for retailers who wish to switch to a more profitable business. Whatever the size of your retail business, with a small investment, you can convert it into a state-of-the-art Fuel Station.

(Should you not want to oversee the operations of a Fuel Station, you can still earn a handsome income by leasing your land to us.)

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