MEE Automated Fuel Stations

Prepare to experience customer service like you've never seen before.

MEE's path-breaking modular fuel stations have been fitted with the latest in cutting-edge technology. Each CIS (Customer Identification System) and VIS (Vehicle Identification System) pump is designed to provide superior service and operational efficiency. In the conception of this new age fuel station, our aim was to reduce filing time and provide customers with every modern convenience.

Introducing the Next Gen Fuel Station:

MEE fuel stations come fitted with the latest in modern technology. Each MEE fuel station incorporates with the following features:

RFID Identification

Offers real time updates to both customers and retailers, providing complete control over the fuelling process.Additionally, it permits customers to allocate fuel type and amount to each vehicle.

Database Network

Uses radio frequency to assess data from the vehicle and automate the fuelling process.

Consumption Analysis

RFID based system transfers data and consumption analysis of registered vehicles via radio frequencies to fleet owners.

Complete Automation

CIS and VIS enabled fuel pumps do everything from recognising registered vehicles to gauging fuel requirements and processing transactions.

Cashless Transactions

MEE fuel stations offer end-to-end transactions carried out via the MEE card, which automatically processes payments from the user's account.

Indizel Advantage to Customers

The above features, combined, translate to the following benefits for customers

Superior operational efficiency

Superior management efficiency

Greater control over book keeping operations

Zero human errors

Greater convenience

Smooth, cashless experience

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