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No hassles

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Indizel. India’s Best diesel, ever

For more than 120 years, the world has been dependent on a diesel that severely pollutes the air, gives limited performance, and corrodes its engine.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for a revolution.

My Eco Energy proudly presents Indizel, a Bio Automotive fuel an EN 590 2013 and EURO 6 emission norms compliant diesel that gives lower emissions and higher performance than ordinary diesel. Indizel is engine-friendly and economical, and can be used in any and all diesel engines, hassle-free.

Indizel Advantage


Better combustion, resulting in higher torque & BHP, enabling the engine to achieve its optimum capacity


EN 590;2013 & EURO 6, WWFC Chapter 4 norms compliant – compatible with all diesel engines fulfilling engine warrantees


Better combustion resulting in Better mileage & lower emissions, Higher Lubricity resulting in Lower maintenance costs & enhanced engine life

Engine Friendly

Lesser corrosion and better stability. No engine modification required, can be used in any proportions & reverse compatible

Nature +

Renewable, lowers harmful tail pipe emissions by 80+%

Special benefits

12% GST set off for GST registered customers

Better Fuel for a Better Future

Indizel, a high quality sustainable fuel pioneered by MEE, is India's only EURO 6 emission norms compliant fuel.

With quality that meets EN590 and BIS 1460(BSIV) standards, as well as being EURO V/VI compliant, Indizel offers superior quality fuel that is a class apart. Meeting such high quality standard guarantees that our fuel gets a nod of approval from best in class vehicle manufacturers too.

By exceeding all of India's fuel expectations, Indizel ensures that you don't have to compromise on the performance of your vehicle or the health of our planet.

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